Application is online
Payment online. The application costs 130 Euro per traveller to Beijing and 150 Euro per traveller to Shanghai. There are no additional costs. The application is processed only when payment is received for all travellers.
Confirmation of the approved or denied visa application is sent by email after three business days. This applies to both destinations.
Travellers to Shanghai receive a copy of the visa issued 5 days before departure. They receive it by email.
At least two people must apply. One person in the travelling group must be the ‘main traveller’. The main traveller’s job is to ensure that all fellow passengers have completed their visa applications correctly.
We recommend that the application be submitted no later than 2–3 weeks before departure but no earlier than 2 months before.

What happens when the application is submitted?

A visa notice, i.e. confirmation of denial or approval, is sent via email to the main traveller within 3 business days of the application. It is important to check that all information is correct.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service on  +46 (0)8 – 55 56 91 46

Keep in mind that during certain periods it is not possible to process visa on arrival applications. The Chinese authority issuing the visa on arrival may, under special circumstances, have the right to deny entry up to 3 days prior to arrival. In these cases, you will be notified immediately when we have been notified of this.

Remember to print the emailed confirmations (Beijing) or the copies of the visas (Shanghai) and bring them with you on the trip. Without these documents you can be denied boarding the plane.

Application form and destination


Choose the form for either Shanghai or Beijing. In the first step of the form you create an account with us as the main traveller. You can then choose to enter the information of your fellow travellers or have them fill in their own information.


A visa to Shanghai requires an approved digital photo that has been taken in accordance with the same rules that apply to all passport photos. We recommend that you use a professional passport photographer. If you choose to take a photo yourself, the following requirements apply.

The photo must be clear and in focus
The photo must be in colour and the background must be white with no shadows
The photo must be taken straight on with the head centred and the face clearly visible
The facial expression must be neutral and the mouth must be closed
The gaze must be directed at the camera and the eyes open
The ears must be visible
No head covering may be worn (except for religious or medical reasons)
The photo must be recent – no older than 6 months

Important dates

CITS will be closed on the following dates and VOAs (Visa on Arrival) cannot, therefore, be issued at these times. Travellers may enter the country and submit applications during these periods, but the response time for visa applications will exceed 3 days.

Closed in 2020

(dates may change as the precise dates of public holidays are set by the Chinese Government in December)

24–30 January 2020: Chinese New Year
The closing date for visa applications is 16 January 2020

1–3 May 2020: May Day
The closing date for visa applications is 23 April 2020

1–7 October 2020: China’s National Day
The closing date for visa applications is 23 September 2020


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